Does my friends with benefits have feeling for me?

I've always felt he had feelings for me but then there was time I felt he just didn't. I on the other hens do have feelings for him. (Btw we're only seeing each other)

I decided to end the friends with benefits relationship and I've never seen him text like this.

Me: I am no longer comfortable with being friends with benefits . I need to take some time to think about some things. It was fun while it lasted. Wish you the best and good luck (10:20pm)
Him: Okay (12:07)
Him: can we talk in person (12:10am)
Me: I feel that you can find someone much compatible for you (12:18am)
Him: let's meet up (12:18am)
Him: is that cool?(12:20am)
Him: I want to talk to you in person (12:21am)
Him: You there sweetheart?(12:28am)
Him: Please don't ignore me (12:37am)
Me: I feel like that should have taken place earlier (12:39am)
Him: Come on hun, let me talk to you (12:41am)
Him: I miss you a lot. I wanna make things right with you. (12:43am)
Me: Our communication just went down the drain :/(12:45am)
Him: What are you sayin (12:46am)
Me: I don't know. I need some time to think (12:46am)
Him: lets grab lunch this week
End convo

First time he offers me to lunch. He does get nervous and shy around me. Like he doesn't know how to express himself
Anymore response?
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  • omg yes omg

    • You don't sound serious

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    • Is the "omg". I don't know the way i read it. If you were, sry.

    • ur forgiveen

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes he does, and I feel like you didn't have to be so cold towards him like that. Trust me you probably would've felt like crap if he would've said "ok, nice knowing you too" and that was it. Most guys would have never asked to take you out etc. I just ended my friends with benefits relationship with a guy yesterday and all he said was call him and that was it. Because he's a heartless jerk who thinks the world revolves around him with no regards for anybody else feelings. Sorry for the mini rant, but yeah meet up with the guy and hear him out. He's in love with you!

    • I will. I just hope i didn't come off as cold, i just didn't know how to go about it because it took me by shock. I told him i want to think it through. I'm not ready for a relationship but i don't mind seeing him exclusively. I will talk to him through and be sure this is what i want

    • I don't think in love though lol

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  • Yes he is its obvious

    • That's what I got. I want to make sure

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    • You are welcome if i can help in something tell me ;)

    • I'll get back to you

What Girls Said 2

  • see your other post but he's attached possibly.

    • Thanks very much

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    • He wanted me to speak to him yesterday but I'm taking time to think stuff through thoroughly on what i want and how i want it to play along before talking to him. I don't want my thoughts to be clouded so ill speak to him this weekend

    • good thinking

  • he probably dose


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