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There's this boy I talk to in one of my classes. He so sweet and funny towards me. Anyways, I gave him my number. He seemed really happy about it. But I don't know if bc I was super nervous and he was too or what not, I never got his. He never texted me and never brought up the reason why. And we both acted as if nothing happened the next week in class. Anyways, two classmates asked for his number (group project) but he didn't give them his # but instead he got there's. What gives? Does he not like me? :(


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  • Hey well reading your current scenario we can sum it all up into 3 scenarios:

    1- he's shy but finds a way to never display it. He probably isn't very comfortable with social interaction or people. This is actually quite common in many people even during their years in high school as well as college.

    2- He just doesn't need social interaction with new or other people around him at the moment. Many people quite prefer to be alone most of their time due to many reasons such as: trust issues, peace and quite or even just because they just feel comfortable and its in their nature to be on their own at most times.

    3- He could just be focused on other things in his life other than social interaction. Think of it this way he's probably at a point in his life where he's asking himself the questions to his future as well as looking for the answers to them.

    Hope it helps

    • But u know the weird thing is... after I gave him my number he said he would text me. And then of course class had started so we had to be quiet and listen to the professor.

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    • Oh okay, sorry for a second there I was confused. Thanks again, the help of greatly appreciated! :)

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  • What nothing did happen?

    • No nothing has happened yet... I just don't know why he hasn't texted me. He acted like himself after a week of never texting. I don't know... :/

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  • Maybe he has a problem with his phone or something and is waiting for it to be fixed before he can text u.

    • Yea the day I gave him my # he showed me had one of his siblings phone and stuff. But the other day, he came back with his. Idea lol :/

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