Guys: Would you ever forget your girlfriends birthday?

My 27th birthday is coming up in 4 days. My boyfriend keeps asking me what day it's on. I can never tell when he's kidding. Would you ever forget your girlfriends birthday? Or even joke about forgetting it?


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  • Yes. It is not a big deal. I am surprised he even asked you when your birthday is. Many guys would not even do that much. At the end of the day, the only guy who really cares about your birthday is your dad.

    • It's a big deal to me. That should count for something, right? If he cares about me, the least he could do is remember my birthday.

    • Truthfully, if I loved a person I would know the persons birthday. That being said, many people would not know there loved ones birthday.

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  • I'm talking about my boyfriend here but I'm sure he will forget it at some point. I laugh about it because I don't celebrate it but he's really bad with birthdate


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