Why would a guy go from being talkative to shy?

I personally am pretty shy with people, then get more talkative. This guy I met a few months ago was very talkative and outgoing the first few interactions I had with him; now he seems extremely shy and awkward around me. He blushes and touches his face and ears constantly. I don't think I did anything weird, so why is he being so strange now? He has a girlfriend and it's not like I'm flirting with him! I can't tell if he developed some kind of crush on me or it's just his personality.
I've also caught him looking at me from the corner of his eye multiple times. I feel like he does this quite often, I'm just too chicken to look at him.


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  • He probably likes you, but knows that it is wrong to act upon it.

    • Wrong because he has a girlfriend? Why can't we at least be friends? He's being so awkward around me; I don't even know how to talk to him / what to say. Just because he's in a relationship doesn't mean he can't talk to other girls, right? I kind of sense that she has him on a pretty short leash, though.

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