What really is the situation here? I need help?

I used to work with this guy Jack and we got on like a house on fire but people we worked with used to say we liked each other and that we flirted, which looking back I probably did like him. About a year a go he left work to work for a different company, we were always so close at work but we didn't really keep in contact. I do see him when we've both been out with friends and also when I walk to work he often drives past where I live on his way to work. Last week he added me on snapchat out of the blue and we were talking a lot even flirting a little. Yesterday I went shopping with one of my guy friends and we took snapchats and posted them on my story, we were just having a laugh. So last night I sent Jack a snapchat and he ignored me but I woke up this morning with one off him and I replied to it but he's ignored me again. Is he hinting at me to leave him alone because he doesn't like me? I don't understand why he's gone to ignoring me over night? Please help me out!


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  • He's likely busy at the moment. Give him some time. He may not feel the same and but wants to recapture what you shared when you worked together


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  • Or maybe he just didn't get to chec it...

    • You can see when they've been read :(

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