Why does my boyfriend always Facebook search other girls who are usually very attractive and barely clothed?

every now and again my boyfriend seems to go on a searching spree on Facebook, the girls he searches are usually very attractive and not wearing much throughout their photos,
i was just wondering if this is normal during a relationship?:/


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  • I mean are the girls you know or like auper models?

    • i dontknow them but they all seem to be around the area i live

    • Its beavuse all guys search for hot girls but unreal hoy girls if you know what i mean but for me is wrong if he search fo real girls girls that are on his league

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  • First of all, how do you know this? Have you been snooping through his browser history. Thats not good for you, it will usuay make you feel uneasy, for nothing. Your boyfriend might be a cheating bastard, but he also just might like watching hot girls photos. Yes, its weird when I tell you this. But its normal for him to also like other woman. At the end, you know him best, would he do anything you would mind?

    • he has openly told me himself, he has cheated in the past... im not 100% whether he would hurt me again

    • Well then you should starting watching his behavior, the way he speaks and acts. If you think he is cheating, or sexting or texting other girls , confront him. And if you think he just likes watching hot girls to pass the time, let him be. You dont mind seeing a half naked hot guy too, right?

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  • What do you think? He's looking at other women. It's normal.

  • do u need to realy ask?

    • whats that supposed to mean?

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