How do you shy guys think about your crush?

Here's a question for the shy guys out there! What do you usually think about when you're thinking about your crush? Tell your honest opinion guys, and it means a lot for the help!


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  • i just stare from afar admiring her like a untouchable jewel on a pedestal.

    • Aw thanks for the jnput. Got any tips on what a girl can do to approach a shy guy?

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    • if he is shy , you might not want to put your hands on his arm or leg just yet as if your showing it. maybe you can touch his shoulders gently and ask him about what he likes or what his interests.

      get him comfortable around you first, before you start getting all gf on him

    • Thank you! I'll make sure I won't do that! I've been wondering that for a while. Like how are you supposed to show signs you like him?
      Also I sent him a request on Facebook two days ago, and he hasn't accepted or declined. He added other people, but just left mine sittig there, and he was recently online. he's really shy, so could he be nervous to accept it? Thanks

  • I think she is the most beautiful girl i have ever met and i want to be with her forever.

    • That's so sweet! Thank you for your opinion!! Got any tips on what a girl can do to approach a shy guy?

    • Just talk to him. He will be very shy and not very social in the beginning but if you talk to him long enough he will eventually be more open. But promise me you want just stop talking to him all of the sudden because he is shy. He really wants to talk to you and he will do everything to get you to come back.

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