Does he like me or is he just being friendly?

So I do firefighting training with this guy i like. last night we had a crab feed for our local firefighters and we had to work at it. when we were clearing dishes he winked at me and he also talked to me a little bit. other times it seemed like he was ignoring me and he went to hang with the other girl we work with but i know he doesn't like her. also a couple times he has given me a ride to our station and he gave me his sweatshirt.. does he like me or is he just being friendly. also how do i flirt with him and make him want to talk to me and hang with me?
but winking why would you do that if you're only being friendly?


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  • he might just be being friendly and flirty. try talking to him ask him to hangout. see if he wants to get lunch with you


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