Top tips for getting a guy to notice/like you?

Basically, there's this boy who i like, a lot. We flirt a lot, well used to. Sometimes he will text first or get me to come out. But, lately he's been ignoring me and giving me blunt answers. He is also flirting with my bestfriend, who pretty much dates his brother. But, I want him to notice me more. I dint want to force him to like me, just for him to notice me and make up his mind. To stop giving me mixed signals!


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  • Well I don't know. When I was 12? I'm not really sure how old I was but that doesn't matter. When I was younger some girl would play with my hair and touch my shoulder and stuff. I didn't like her at first. But then my perspective changed and I noticed her and developed a small crush on her. But it was gone after about two months. So once you get his attention you need to act fast or his crush will go away. That's my answer I hope it helps =D

  • do it for the right reasons dont just try to get this guy to like you just to have him. if he is iflirting with his brothers girl than maybe you shouldn't get with him because he is just a creep. but overall do it for the right reasons dont just think that having who you want because u want them is a good thing, cus it takes manipulation to do that and being manipulative is not attractive or a good thing


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