So, I'm a little confused. I asked him for a few minutes of his time and after he says it was nice talking to you? Wtf?

I'm sure it doesn't mean much but I don't get it. I asked him for a little talk. It was sorta serious although we did laugh and cut up a little a one point but at the end... I should have been the one saying thanks for sparing me some time when you were obviously busy and instead its him telling me it was nice to talk to me... I just don't get that mentality. Any thoughts boys?


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  • He's being polite. Stop reading into it.

    • I just found it weird that's all. I usually don't say that sort of thing. Maybe its just me.

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  • it's the same thing basically

    it doesn't matter who said this

    • I guess I'm just not used to guys having manners.

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