He didn't invite me to his place... is he looses interest?

he invited me to cinema, i agreed.
When it ended we met some other people and talked to them, he seemed to be in a very good mood, made compliments to the girl, talked in a very funny way to her boyfriend.
When we finished, on the way bsck home he told me, that he have to work late at night, otherwise he would invite me to his appartment.

It was 1St time he ever told me that!
We dated for 2 years and always when he invited me to cinema- it always meant we will go to his appartment after...
He worked late at night other times, he always told me, that if its ok if he will work late and i can just watch tv or do somth while he working, it NEVER BEEN A PROBLEM before.

Now i just think he used it like an excuse to not invite me... But why tthen he invited me to cinema?
He also keep texting someone by the phone all the time. Then just said he haf a great time and bye. In that cold intonations, when u say somth just because u have to... I didn't say anything...

Guys, explain me his behaviour... If he didn't want to see me, why invite me to cinema?
He clearly dont like me anymore?


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  • Maybe something happened ans he is feeling down not something related to you

    • Well, he have some problem and he will work on it late at night, but its sounds just like an excuse not to invite me

    • I mean if it was for you you wouldn't have gone to the cinema dont you think?

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  • he's just not a player

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    • I dont talk to retarded/mentally sick idiots, so better go fu***k urself

    • but im not retarded or mentally ill (not sick wtf) and im definitely not an idiot ur an idiot an idiot who gets dumped for being worthless he wuldnt even fuck u thats how bad u are

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