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What do you think about girls asking you out?

I have always wondered what guys think about girls asking them out.
There was a guy that had a huge crush on me and his friends were always talking about it. One day when I was walking home, one of his friends that I knew followed me home and told me that if I wanted to go out with the guy that I would have to ask him out myself because he was 'too intimidated'. His friend also told me that if I didn't ask him out, we were never going to date.
I ended up not asking him out because I have always believed that it was a guys job. What do you guys think?
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  • It really doesn't matter. Some guys will see being asked out as either an ego-boost (since girls don't typically do it) while others may feel ego-bruised cause they want to be the one taking initiative. Similarly, some girls prefer to be asked out by a guy confident enough to approach her, whereas others don't wait for their 'shining knight' they go out and meet that mofo half way!

    In my opinion, don't refuse to ask someone out because 'that's not the way it works/meant to be.' If you like someone, and they're too nervous to ask you out, go for it. Don't play chicken to see who decides to give in and do it and don't let gender roles hold you back. You want him? Go get him! Only rarely does a tiger not have to work for its meal ;)


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  • I voted "B", because it's much easier for me. However, I would also ask a girl out too.

    The great thing about being in the new millennium era, is traditional gender are nearly abolished. I know several girls who ask guys out. I never did understand why it's the "guy's job." Is there a written book which says so? It just sounds ridiculous to me.

  • I'd love that! Go for it! It shows you actually care enough to ask!

  • I put C because although I would be prefer to be asked out because I'm kinda scared to ask someone, I'll ask a girl out if I think she'll say yes


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