Guys, would this freak u out?

I've be dating my boyfriend for 6 months now and I always distance myself from him on my period bc I have really really bad cramps, nausea, back aches and head aches. Would it scare him to see that? Is it okay to tell him about it and let him come over to my place?


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  • If he's going to be your long-term boyfriend he needs to know that kind of thing and you need to know that he'll be able to accept you no matter how you're feeling.

    Tell him ahead of time what to expect and have him come over. Never distance yourself without explaining why, it makes us feel rejected. :)


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  • if a guy can´t handle you at your worst, he doesn´t deserve you at your best ;)


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  • If he can't handle you on your period than he's just a boy, not a man.

    My husband knows everything about my period, he knew about the details of my periods quickly into dating, and he sees no problem with it. Periods are not something to be ashamed of.

    • Ur very lucky! My guy would probably not know how to handle periods

    • He'll learn! Just warn him how you are on your period and what to expect.

    • They're not something to be ashamed of. Feared by men, yes. But not ashamed of. ;)

  • I think there's no harm in letting him k ow. It's not something to be ashamed of , although saying it would be kind of awkward I suppose.


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