Why is my ex trying to get at me? Does he just want sex and trying to trick me?

I broke up with him because my ex friend who was my best friend, told me that he only wanted sex even though he asked me out. He hardly tries to contact me and when he does it's at night. The ones visit I had with him, it ended up being all sex and after an hour of sex he said I needed to leave. Now he messaged me last night and asked me if he knocked me up. I told him he got me pregnant and he said lies and was denying it. And right after that he said he wants to try the relationship again. My dad told me he's not good enough for me, he only wants sex because thats how boys are. Is he really trying the fake relationship for sex thing? He said he still likes me or loves me but I don't want someone who only wants sex. Yeah, I wanna have kids at one point but not just sex. A real and good relationship is what I need. Not lust.


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  • He's horny.

    • Also, parents often times have some great insight - times change and so do trends, but human nature doesn't

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    • Oh wow

    • Do you catch my drift, though? PM me if you have any questions.

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