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Talking to a lad he is 24 really nice and everything, we started talking on a dating website and he asked for my number so I gave it him. One night I was on a massive downer because I suffer with depression and saw he was online on the dating website so me being me kicked off and he told me he only goes on to see what girls say. So 2 weeks later my depression got to a point where I thought he didn't like me so I made a fake account to see if he was lying found out he was and said something, got into a massive argument and a day later I apologised and after 2 weeks of small talk he said he still liked me and wanted to meet up but that was a month ago and he's blanked me for an month. I've asked him to tell me if he likes someone else I'll leave him be so he can be happy but he just blanks me ! What should I do? Why's he blanking me out?


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  • naaaah he seems a jerk to me.

    i'd suggest avoiding him... but it's up to you to decide

    • I've blanked him not for nearly 3 weeks , and he hasn't said anything to me. Don't know what to do?

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  • I don't know I am trying online dating as well. i haven't actually met anyone in person yet but i have been talking to and texting a few girls that seem cool and i am interested in meeting but until something is decidedly exclusive i am going to continue talking to a few girls and see if I want to be serious with someone

  • Put out that pussy


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