Caught boyfriend lying, but he is angry at me for it and has completely shut off?

So my boyfriend went on a boys weekend away. He told me he would keep in touch. While he was away I found out some good news so I was happy to tell him. I called him, no answer. I messaged him, no reply. He ignored my texts and calls all weekend and then told me he lost his phone and found it in the car on the way home. Which I believed. He then came home and I found out he had his phone on him the whole time he lied about losing it and chose to avoid all contact with me knowing it gets me upset. They weren't nagging questions either.

So I caught him out on his lying and he completely shut off and didn't talk to me, didn't say sorry. It's day 2 and he STILL hasn't apologised. AND we live together.

I've been told to let him have his space because shutting off and being angry is his way of coping with being wrong apparently.

Is there anyone out there that shuts off like him and will he eventually apologise?


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  • Hmmm. Kinda think you are both to blame here. He wanted a boys weekend away. That generally means time with just the boys to do their guy stuff without interruption or distraction from their ladies. So you called about something that was important to you, but maybe something that could have waited for him. Then you texted a bunch of times. Now he is getting annoyed with you and feeling you do not respect his wishes and feels you do not trust him and can't give him some time or space. It is kinda a guy thing to be respected within your circle of friends. No guy wants to be labelled as "pussy wiped". He may have felt that since you tried to contact him so much. So for that, I fault you. On the other hand it only takes a few seconds to text someone back to let them know and acknowledge them, so for that I fault him. I think to save face, you need to apologize to him for taking away his "boys weekend" and just let it go.

    • I understand the boys need their space, but the other boys were texting their girlfriends back but just he didn't want to quickly send me one back. He's not bothered by being pussy whipped because his mates have girlfriends too.

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  • It sounds like he may have been telling a white lie so you wouldn't be upset when he didn't want to talk to you on the weekend. Have you asked him why he lied about it? Maybe there is something more to this, like he needs some space but doesn't know how to tell you.

    • He didn't say much because he shuts down when I tell him something that upsets me and he gets angry. This happened Sunday night and its Tuesday morning and we are still avoiding each other. I just want him to say sorry :( Then I will say sorry also.

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  • I think he is a wrong person for you.
    Just move on


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  • That is dangerous behavior, and you need to ask yourself, are you not worth honesty? I think every girl is entitled to one thing in her relationship if nothing else, and that's trust.


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