Please Help! Could he be acting like this because his friend (my crush) likes me or does he like me?

I like this guy that I work with. I also work with his best friend and the best friend seems to get really protective over me lately. For example, today he was asking our manager why she had me moving things across the isle because he thought it was pointless to move it since it wasn't going far. His words were something along the lines of why are you making this poor girl move all of this across the isle. He went on about it for a minute or so. Could he be doing this because my crush likes me? How do guys normally act around their friends crush (Idk if my crush actually likes me back)?

*The friend does have a girlfriend, however it could be possible that he likes me too. I really hope he doesn't though because if he ever asks me out that would be awkward since I like his friend and it might discourage my crush from actually liking me because his friend does.*


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  • Just ask the guy to do something outside of work lol, simple.


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