Does this guy like me?

Ok I so I went on a sort of date with this guy who lives in a town far away from mine and I found out he'd stalked my social media account and he seemed totally into me and we laughed a lot... It was obvious that he'd talked A LOT about me with his friends and he remembered so many details of my life. At the end of the date he kissed me on both cheeks and we sort of touched hands! Not even an hour later he sent me two messages saying that it was great to see me and that next time I'm in his town he really wants to hang out again. He also asked me for the pictures we'd taken and sent me few sad pictures saying that he was sad to be home without me. But now he hasn't replied to my last message and it's been 3 days... I know he has lots of work to do coz he's extremely ambitious and that he almost never uses his phone but still... Does he like me or no? Or is the whole long distance thing getting to him?


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  • Went out on a sort of date? What does that mean? Plus he lives far away, and stalked you online. Yeah, that's one sign of liking you. Don't you look up people that you like online? I don't think it's that bad, to be honest. We have everything at our finger tips. Let's use what we have. Everyone's one there phone right?

    Then he kissed you on both cheeks? Kinda sweet if you ask me. And sorta touched hands... yeah, that's another sign too. Then he sent you two messages an hour later. He seems to be good with communication. Not a lot of people do that. Another sign of attraction I believe. Of course don't take that as a sign all the time. People can be more of an adult, and not worry so much about when to call, or when to text. Just do it... I like him already :)

    But now, your worried, that he hasn't responded to your last text? I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just enjoy yourself. Don't put any expectations on anything yet. He sounds like a good person, he thinks he likes you, because that night went pretty well. And the reason, I say "he thinks". Because guys fall in love pretty quickly. Or more to the point, falls into the infatuation process, that was short lived.

    My advice, is that he does like you. It's not hard to grasp, from what you told us. I'd keep yourself in check at the same time. You've just met him, he's just met you. That doesn't define anything yet. Time will tell, if things will go right. Just enjoy life, and if things feel right, then act on those. If you don't feel it's right, then don't act on anything. At the end, it's about being present, doing what your doing still. If things are right, you normally don't have to do anything, but be present.

    Lastly, don't worry about the text from him. He'll respond in time. If not, then it wasn't meant to be. But don't text him again. Let him text you. I've gotten to the point, where, if I don't get a response, then I won't text, or respond. That's how communication works :)


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  • He likes you, 90% sure, he might just be shy, I wish you luck :)

  • he luvs u bby just like i dew


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