Guy acting on & off what shall I do?

Hey I need some help as am quite upset bout a guy colleague who good friend at work.

Me & him are good mates and have great banter people say we are like married couple but we both are with people.

My question is why is it recently at work he has changed to me, he is trying to better himself which I understand and saying he can't laugh and talk as much but he only does that to me, up until a week ago he did the following things

Teased me constantly, joke around lots
Stares at me loads up & down and compliments my looks my clothing etc, saying that looks lovely on you, on night out last week constantly touching my shoulder, hugging me and saying how nice a person I am.
Always likes to pair up with me on stuff, shouts things like u ok love ya we will always look out for each other, likes being alone with me and confiding in me bout things, says am not bad looking and gets jealous bout other guys liking me

Then last week he said out no where bout being more professional fair enough but it's like he won't go for drinks with me now, he did lunch today but came over n sat with me but seemed really uncomfortable not asking me as much bout stuff, I ask what's up he says nothing all the time but he only off in the office with me...

Then other times he try and talk but says can't tease you now sorry, then goes blunt again with me so I text him asking what's the deal and he goes nothing but stop texting him sick of it but he fine with me.

He never minded texting few weeks ago nor did he mind teasing etc he would say like "this shirt is boyfriend material" and rub my back love it, IDE say do mine he go no you melt, I know people banter but always was mainly to me, I feel hurt as in my mind he is different but now I feel weird for texting him as did last week too and lost it saying don't talk to me...

Any ideas on this behaviour please, he is my friend and I feel someone said something or he likes me more confused?
He does seem to want to talk and did flirt banter lots night out but then changes back at work to being off but when chance to be alone he will be
Any ideas please


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