How many times should I invite?

He shy so I'm not sure if that is the problem or he's clueless. I have invited him twice and he didn't come first time. Said it was bad time for him after the fact. 2nd time he didn't say no, just said it wasn't something he thought he could enjoy. I sent another invite for later but... Don't know what the deal is. I tried to word it so he knows he's welcome to leave and not stay for whole thing and he can bring or invite whoever he wants, trying to make him feel more comfortable and I did mention I hope he comes. I'm not sure how much more blunt I could be.
Anyone else?


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  • Can't you see he's not interested?

    smiley-lol. com/smiley/celebre/historique/napoleon1. gif

    • I am getting that pic. I just wish he'd be honest enough to actually say it and not throw in mixed signals like touching. I am honest with someone when I don't feel anything.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He doesn't seem interested.. I wouldn't invite him again. You've made obvious moves, the rest is up to him.

    • Ok. The last invite is for something not right now but a little later and I asked for a reply in a week or two... So I guess that's when I give up.

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  • Invite to what

    • Party, outing, amusement park. Anything.

    • Maybe not the guy who enjoys that type of stuff

    • Yes but don't guys at least try to do stuff to spend more time with a girl if they have feelings for her or trying to see if they want to date her?

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