Why does a guy do this during texting?

This guy and i have been talking for awhile. He knows i like him. and i thought he liked me but he sounds like he is not interested anymore. Here is are texts that we just sent. The last text i sent at like 3:20 im not going to text him back until he texts me first. I just dont know. Do the texts sound like he is not interested anymore? Oh and we are texting and having a good conversation and then he just stops and comes and sends me a text two hours later.. Thanks:)
FIrst part of our text-
him-Sup bud:)
Him-I get to call you that because im older:)
Me-You get to call me bud because you are a year older thenn me? Lol what?
Me-Thats Dumb
Should i just forget this guy? thanks:)
ohh and sometimes he calls me babe/baby or sometimes he calls me bud or bro like wtf?
(Link is to our second conversation)


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  • This sucks lol. Call him on the phone if you wanna get a better representation of what he's really like.

  • Why dont you guys just talk like normal people instead of texting? Or does social interaction not happen anymore at your age?


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