Please tell me this is too obvious! My boyfriend thinks otherwise?

Plain and simple, I stood behind my boyfriend and noticed he was on his old dating profile looking through some girls pictures. I stood their for a good 10minutes and he just kept swiping and looking at them.
I knocked behind him and he said its not what I think! That he was just TRYING to delete his account! Then he changed it and said, I was only looking because I realized I have the best thing and not those sleezy girls. Lovey dovey etc...
Till this day I laugh because he will never admit to it! XD even though I stood there! And saw! And he laughs saying no! I never was!
What do you guys think? Please feed me comments !!! XD

Also I even made the same account and wanted to see how long it took to find the delete button. Literally 10 seconds. XD which makes it even more of a bigger lie he said. HAH!
I told him I'd post this and he wants to see the results?
  • yes, he was checking these girls out for his own pleasures.
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  • no, he was looking and realizing how good he has it even though it was 10 minutes long looking through their pictures.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Wow, he is a really bad liar! Its pretty hilarious...
    Your man really dug himself in a deep hole, he'd might as well tell the truth since he got caught. Lol. im on your side with this. Yes dude you were checking out those ladies. No dude just stares that long without checking them out. just like now Im looking at your profile picture for quite some minutes. YUP im checking you out.


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What Guys Said 1

  • basically you're the wrong one because you were looking at what he was doing without his permission.

    and if he was smarter he'd not do it when you were around ;-)

    • Haha he does the same with me xD

What Girls Said 2

  • I feel like he was probably looking out of curiosity, the same way you might browse a mens' fashion catalog, but at being caught he was afraid you would think more of it. That's my opinion ^_^

  • Of course he was looking at those girls! He made himself way too obvious! (>.<). Not only did he try to lie the first time and make up another? Yikes, you cannot slide out of that one mate! :S..


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