Guys look at me weird at Whole Foods? Or just everywhere?

I know it's totally wrong to give a crap what anyone thinks, but this is a strange situation...

I was at Whole Foods eating a slice of pizza and doing boring work on my laptop. I turned around briefly and noticed a guy looking at me super judgingly.

I had my hair up, yoga pants, white cardigan. I was dressed very boring.

What is going on?

People stare at me in general. Usually with a smile or they are shy.


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  • You were at Whole Foods, he was probably thinking that fucking bitch should be eating lentils! lol

    • I'm vegan. I do eat lentils! He was eating too... With his wife.

    • But they probably were just eating lentils, they frown upon your pizza! haha

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  • i guess either he liked you... or he wanted to eat your pizza :-P

    • He was with his wife. Maybe his wife was judging.

  • Sometimes when men see women eating, they make dirty thoughts...

  • Why do girls think everyone is judging them?

    • He had angry brows.

    • Maybe he has bad vision and it just looked like angry brows when he was trying to look at something or you?

      It's just how his face is? Had a face twitch?

      Who knows? I mean he could have been judging you but based on what you were doing i doubt it. I feel like men only judge when a women is being a skank or an idiot.

  • He was horny and lonely...

    • He was with his wife. He's good. I'm the forever single one. Heh.

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