Making me jealous or actually likes him?

I have a guyfriend, let's call him W. We've been good friends for three years now, we're pretty close, he acts like he likes me (takes every chance to talk to me, looks me in the eye, high fives/fistbumps me often, tells me random things about him). He's a nerd, bottom of social ladder and I'm a semi-popular jock nerd girly girl. (this doesn't concern me) He told me he's bi a while ago, I only kinda believed him. But now there's this other guy (let's call him T). I've seen W hang out with T and one time we were all hanging out and W started making many jokes about T wanting to date him and calling him gay. W also showed me off to T when I explained a math problem. Last week, W told me that I should beat up T because T owes him a few bucks because W bought him lunch the other day. W and I went to lunch once before. Does W actually like T or he is trying to make me jealous?
I forgot to mention that W is usually playful when referring to T, he jokes about his race a lot


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  • Neither? It doesn't sound like either one

    • Why do you believe so? What would be some signs that W likes me?(sorry just curious)

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