What does it mean when he doesn't stop staring at me?

Im in high school, & There's a guy i like, & I've noticed he has been staring at me since the beginning of last year, he's two grades above me, & Allan (my guy friend) is friends with him, & allan finally introduced me to him today, he said "oh by the way, i wanted you to meet my sister ___" & i said "hey how's it goin?" & he responded with "Good & You?" & i responded, so once we were about to leave he said bye to allan, & then looked at me & said "bye it was nice meeting you" & i said bye, & later today, i was talking to a friend & i was laughing with her, & I noticed he kept staring at me without looking away.
A friend of mine said "dude he has a legit staring problem, like he doesn't look away, "


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  • This was difficult to read, but from what I've understood, the staring could indicate that he likes you.


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