Guys - Is he playing it cool, stringing me along or just not interested?

We had a great first date and he's said a couple of times that he had a good time. We've been texting quite a bit. I asked him out for the coming weekend but he said he had to work. I know it's true but he didn't suggest another day. We've also been texting less than before our date and he's asking me less questions. He'll reply instantly to my texts and will be flirty and keep the conversation going, but never asks how I am or anything.

So is he just stringing me along? Should I just leave it and see what he does? I guess I'm just kinda pissed off that he keeps saying he had a good time but doesn't seem to be making a move. What should I do?
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  • Wait until he asks you out. Don't ask him out again because it doesn't sound like he's that interested. Someone who was interested would hve suggested an alternate day


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