Ladies, do you still believe in and admire chivalry? Has it truly gone extinct?

Call me a Hopeful Romantic but I for one, am a sucker for mushy lovey doveyness
i admire a true gentleman at heart, in the way he treats a lady
opens doors
treats me as he'd wish for his mother, daughter, sister and niece

bad boys and players have gone out of style

lets bring Chivalry back gentlemen
great women like myself love cherish and appreciate all the things you do, more than you know!
Good girls & Guys We never go out of style- T. Swift


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  • Yes! I fully `100% agree. I would take a chivalrous gentleman over a super hot douchebag any day. People today are so rude, I enjoy it when I meet a guy who is kind and courteous. Not saying you have to be all Sir Lancelot on me, but decent manners like the ones you mentioned are simple common courtesy! I grew up on those things, and want to find them in a man. Thank you for showing me I'm not the only one out there who still believes in chivalry and manners! :) :D

    • oh bless your heart, that was well said, you too must be an old fashioned rare jewel like myself, thanks so much for your comment

      We are not alone, somewhere out there is a gentleman who still believes that good girls still exist and appreciate a true prince

    • Why thank you! :) It's awful to hear people say chivalry is dead- it's merely being a good person with some decent manners! A proper man treats any girl he's with with care and understanding. I know some who simply choose to go for "bad boys" and other jerks, and never understand why. I have always preferred the nice, gentlemanly type (I have my eye on one now ;) ) and am happy to learn that people still share my beliefs. It's hard being a teen who thinks this way as a large portion of my peers see rudeness and meanness as being "cool" whereas it is a horrid way to act. There is nothing wrong with having a perfectly considerate, princely type, nor is there a problem with waiting for that special one to come around. I wish you luck, and hope your own "prince charming" comes to you soon :)!

    • that was by far the best comment on my post thanks again!! and best wishes to you and your future beau =)

      my motto is Chivalry ain't dead, my exact words when a gentleman goes out of his way to make me smile, open the door, give up his seat and the list goes on
      in this over sexed society its definitely worth the wait.

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  • lol. bad boys and players will always be in style honey.

    this is the closest thing usually to what you ladies are programmed to like...

    women who hate the game and these types have fell in love and but couldnt tame the man

    • i dont know who pissed in your coffee sweetheart but you are wayyyy out of line lmbo!!! woo some nerve, this post wasn't for the bad boys, and i specifically asked the LADIES however did i know the non-gentlemen were going to respond

      thanks but no thanks! =D

  • I don't give a shit about chivalry. I'm nice to everyone. Well, except mean, selfish, materialistic, hypocritical, or insanely stupid people. Then the gloves are off.

    • The truth of the matter is, I'm chivalrous to everyone. Men, women, old people, it doesn't matter. I don't view women as weaker or deserving of special treatment over anyone, I hold them on the same level of respect and expectation as I do a man.

    • alrighty then... to each their own but this question was once again aimed towards the opinions of the women who genuinely appreciate a true gentleman, the UK kind of lad mate! =D

  • It still exists. I treat all girls and women equally even if I'm not into them but if chivalry is dying I'll blame girls who take acting nicely to them as a form of hitting on them.

    • you are awesome that was so reassuring
      i haven't loss all hope and have wonderful example of what and how i should be treated
      its just so uncommon in my generation (80's baby) lol

      thanks again! i totally agree

    • It isn't really that much different to ours, maybe only the tables have turned and girls now are the ones who act all bad boy-ish.

  • “bad boys and players have gone out of style”

    It has always been in style. It always attract the same people. The innocent.

    The same way snow white ate the poisonous apple.

    “lets bring Chivalry back gentlemen ”
    It has always been here.
    It's just that no one see it's value until the apple is eaten.

    • squeals that was super sweet and true
      but vice versa men love bad girls only for a season until they've gotten it out of their system
      and ready to take a good girl home to mother =)


    • It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow

    • i love the way you think thanks a million (^.^)

  • I am he, gentleman, I am that which they call chivalry. I'm also a push over sometimes and I am kind hearted. It's alive and well within me, and most men... Buuuuut since guys feel they need a reward they go sour and turn bitter. While real gents jus gets ignored. But yeah I'm living proof that everything you desire I can and have done before. Let girls wear my coat while it was cold, gave money to those of need, hold the door open for everyone while I was at Jurdy duty, I gave a girl I don't like a Val. Gift and its on Facebook page for proof, I donated 100$ to church called new masidonian church. I help people out and get passtive feed back. I'm still waiting for someone with xeper 7- master to beat my 33% of most helpful cuz I haven't seen much yet.


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  • Lady, I don't think there are enough kind and fair princesses left in the world to justify knights in shining armor.

    • not sure if i agree 100% but to some extent i totally concur
      so sad that rotten apples spoil it for all the other good fruit, everyone's too afraid to take a bite bc of how rotten the first fruit was, leave a bad taste in our mouths

      thats why there's mouthwash =)

  • I do too, we need chivalry! I'd take an ugly gentleman over a hot asshat any day.

    • you rock =)

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    • A curiously brave statement.
      May your vision be astute and ears close to the ground.

    • Why, thank you.

  • I do believe in it and appreciate it - more than people might think.
    I have seen it a couple of times recently. =)
    Really refreshing.
    But certainly going extinct.

  • I like a true gentleman but with a twist lol


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