Why is this guy acting weird around me?

A guy I know who is a few years older than me seems to like being around me. He always sits next to me when we are eating. When we had a trip to a roller rink he asked me to skate with him and when ever I stumbled he wrapped his arm around me to make sure I didn't fall then he held my hand. When ever I am alone he walks over to me and starts up a conversation. After we met we found out we both loved anime and Pokemon so we usually talk about that or school. Does he like me or am I imagining things?
Also one of my friends keeps flirting with him and he makes it clear that he isn't interested in her.
Yesterday we were talking and he said a joke and I smiled and when I looked up at him his face turned red. When I relised he was blushing my face felt very hot. It was just awkward after that...


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  • When destiny comes knocking, don't be a dumb bitch and ignore it then act later like it never came knocking. He could very well be your future husband.


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