Can't tell if a guy likes me and I'm about to totally give up?

I've liked this guy for months but I can't tell if he likes me back. We both love to joke around, and whenever we see each other it's usually a goofball fest.
At first I thought he was shy but now I don't know. We met because we're in the same hobby group but we almost never meet outside of that and when we do it's because a mutual friend invited the both of us. When I'm around he likes to joke around a lot, but never texts me unless I text first. I tried hinting that I liked him, like telling him to text me and making him his favorite snacks once or twice, but he responded with one text and didn't go beyond that.
I also noticed that he's very natural around other girls and will hug them as a hello but he never does that to me... but once or twice he laid his head on my shoulder/lap when he got drunk so I had some hope from that. He also checks my reaction sometimes when he's trying to show off, but I don't know if that's good or just normal.
But the reason I'm ready to give up is, I tried asking him recently to join me and some friends (I was too shy to ask him out alone) when we went drinking close to his neighborhood and he turned me down both times. He gave good reasons, and even said he would have liked to if he didn't have other plans, but didn't try to reschedule for a later date (which my friends say is a bad sign).

He's said before that he's straight and that he's single.

Should I give up or keep on trucking? Thank you!!


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  • Keep trying. I'd suggest you to tell him that you like him as soon as you have the chance too. This can end your doubts for good!

    • I would love to and nearly did many times but each times feels like I'm about to hurl myself off a cliff. If you don't mind, how would you suggest I tell him/get courage to tell him?

    • Well, considering my personal experience, I'd suggest you to tell him because if you don't it's likely you'll regret later for not having done and will wonder forever what would've happened if you had told him. Than you'll blame yourself for a long time and this is the worst kind of regret.

      I don't mean you have to tell him now, you can wait for an appropriate time, but I'd suggest you to do it and spare yourself from the suffering of wondering hypotetical situations that could've happened.

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