Help me Decode the Bro's code?

So i hung out with this guy and i really like him we talked straight for a few hours. but now I'm trying to figure out if he's just a friendly guy or if he likes me. He said I was really easy to talk to
he felt like he was talking to himself when we were talking about things
and he was always making direct eye contact and smiling every time i was talking

so platonic or any signs?
thanks for ignoring the fact that the title is a pun and not trying to help me guys.


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  • That's not the bro code.

    Bro code is a set of rules and guidelines that you follow so you never hurt/lose/fight your bros. It includes things like not sleeping with the same people and stuff like that.


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  • Signs, definitely signs.
    Oh good lord look at all the signs.

  • @M_A_X has it on the dot.


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