What would you do if you're in this position?

Okay so my dad has been doing this therapy with this doctor, lets just call him dr. t. Dr. T is 70-something yro, but he looks 53 (i think its cos the meds his been drinking). So, long story short he's been texting me quite a lot, asking me if i would like to hangout etc. One time we were discussing the book this man (its like 50 shades of grey), apparently he's also a fan of books like that. From therr his conversation started to get how do you say it a little aggressive, like asking me if i would like to do it or not, stuffs like that. A few days ago he text me again calling me babe and shit and again he ask me if we could meet up, i turned down his offer cos i didn't feel comfortable

This men kind of scares me. What would you do if you were in this position? Would you tell him to fuck off or just not reply to his text?

And i almost forgot, i never see him outside the hospital.


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  • Why does your father's doctor have your phone number?

    • He has everyones phone number. Just incase there's an emergency.

    • Well then that's a violation of HIPPA laws. You can sue him.

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  • Shut that shit down

  • If you're not comfortable in meeting up with him let alone talking to him I think you should just ignore him or even tell him that you don't feel comfortable.


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