My friend always picks up on my vibes, what does this mean?

I am really curious about this, and wondering if anyone knows about this. My guy friend and I are close, but he pick up on my vibes, like when I am angry, he knows it, when I am sad, I cover it up all the time, but he knows it.

He always says to me "Everything you feel, I feel. When you are angry, I feel angry, When you are sad, I am sad, when you are happy, I am happy." "I pick up on your vibes." He knows how I feel all the time, even when I cover it up. How is that? Is it just a "special" or "close" connection? Or just a strong relationship? Or something else? Please comment, and express what you think. Thank you.


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  • This is a guy who REALLY pays attention, doesn't he? He may be too shy to express his actual feelings, but he does let you know he pays attention.

    He is either a father figure, or he has really fallen for you.


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  • He knows you good. Strong relationship. Must talk at least once a day to this guy.


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