Did this shy guy reject me?

I've liked this shy guy for a while, and I think he likes me too. He's made some moves, but they were never consistent and always confused me. We've made out at a party, he's usually initiating conversations in person, always smiling and looking at me... and he's asked to hang out a few times but never really specified when. I've told him to text me when he wants to as he's a bit busier than I am.

Then last week he stopped by my place to drop some things off and he ended up staying for over an hour! That was the first time we were alone together and spent that long talking. He was moving closer and closer to me as the hour progressed and our legs were touching. He initiated a hug and then I said that we should hang out soon, text me! And he never did.

Then yesterday, I saw him and he offered to drive me home again (been doing that since October) and before I got out of the car I asked when he was free this week, and he just seemed thrown off and went "uhhh..." And made an I don't know face. So I made a joke and then said you're busy its ok, and he said "I'll text you. Ill actually text you though" so... he clearly didn't forget to text me last week and now I'm just a bit frustrated and confused.

Like what? Was he just being friendly the whole time?


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  • In my opinion this guy may seem nervous or afraid to move to the next level with you.. just have a conversation with him and be honest about what you feel

    • This has been going on since October. And I feel like I've waited too long and itll be awkward to bring up. He did make moves, but it was me who got quiet and shy and I guess I don't seem like I'm into him? I'm just scared about getting hurt. We've never been in relationships before. So our friendship is a bit awkward since its like we aren't really friends since there's something sorta there... I think

    • Girl keep in my mind that if a guy likes a girl or he's really into her he will do anything or everything in a different ways because it depends on the personality of the guy but know that if he really likes you he'll get you anyway i think you should test him get distant with him and see if he looks for you

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