Guys, if a girl you like likes your friend, how would you react?

I hear a lot of stuff about guys and how they get over things pretty quickly but i just want to hear it from your perspective. If you suspect that the girl you like likes one of your friends, how would that make you feel and how would you react to this situation, especially if she used to like you but you didn’t do anything about it and now she has eyes for one of your friends whom she is also friends with?

I used to like a guy but he just gave me mixed signals and never asked me out and his friend has been really good to me, he doesn’t know i used to like his friend, i never talked about. But i think he might suspect that something was between us because there is always tension between me and the other guy i used to like. Now the other guy suspects that i like his friend because we hang out a lot now and stuff and he seems hurt by this. I don’t want to cause any problems between friends but i don’t understand why he is hurt if he never asked me out when he had the chance. Its getting complicated because the guy i like now seems uncomfortable talking to me when his friend is around and he tenses up as well. Its as if he feels like he owes his friend an explanation or something.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wel i think my friendz will know about the girl i like and so even if she approches them they will most probably ignore her and try to have nothing to do with her just got the sake of our friendship...

    In all possibilities u r going to ruin a guys life or ruin his friends life and b hated by so for the rest of ur life... So itz up2 u to decide what u want to do


What Girls Said 1

  • Yea he probably knows. Friends do talk.


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