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I've been in a relationship with my BF for 2 years and five months now. I've played xbox and other game consels for as long as I can remember. My BF doesn't like it when I play live on xbox, and he says it's because 99% of the population is guys. He's insecure and thinks I'm out if his league, causing him to feel like he can lose me, but should he really feel concerned about that on xbox? I don't even talk while I'm on there. He also says that's it's easy for people to find me through my gamer tag. I understand what he is saying and accepted how he feels, but it's constant nagging when ever I want to play (I play when we are not hanging out, but he still doesn't like it). Would you not want your GF to play because of this? Do guys like it when girls play xbox? What is your opinion of girls playing xbox in general? Thanks for answering :)
  • Yes, I like girls who play xbox!
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  • No, I would rather just chill with the guys on xbox!
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  • I mutual about it, I can go either way :)
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  • hahah i'm a gamer as well and i love female gamers of course!!!

    and by the way he's overreacting... because they are guys.. it doesn't mean you'll cheat on him!


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  • I'm a gamer so, yeah, sure it's great. Always good to meet a fellow gamer nerd.

    • XD fellow gamer nerd!

  • I just haven't liked consoles in general since the Super Nintendo.

    So yes, I'd have a problem with you playing Xbox.


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