When A Guy Gets Sad When You Don't Talk To Him?

What does it mean when you can see a guy become visibly upset when you don't talk to/acknowledge him? I didn't speak to this guy I believe has a crush on me the other day and he hung his head like he was sad and sat down into the chair. I could see he was very disappointed and almost deflated.
Thanks for all of the responses. He also stares at me often and smiles when my eye catches his. He is just very flirty with so many girls (never with me) that I just don't know what to think!


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  • What it means?

    You say a guy had a crush on you and got sad that you didn't talk to him. There is no hidden enigma there. He likes you, you ignored him so he got sad. End of story.


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  • don't know the details, but sounds like it's what you just said, he has a crush on you. On top of it, maybe he's a shy guy.


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