Is he a player?

A new kid in class sat infront of me, he asked me if I could see the movie which I said yes. He got up and sat next to me saying he feels like I couldn't see. He started talking to me and pulled out a little piece of paper that read "Your cute :)" and asked if I wrote it. I, without shame, said I did and he laughed a little saying "Wow a lot of girls have been saying that haha". So ever since then, he's been talking to me about the topics in class, fishing, his parents, mine. Week before all of this, he called this girl beautiful and that it was ashame she's single. It was Valentine's day which we had to wear specific colors representing our love lives (single, taken).

Later, I asked for his number which he smiled and said sure. He pulled out his wallet and gave me his number. I was staring at my friend saying, I felt awkward haha and he said "Naw it's cool " and smiled. He's pretty polite and really nice.

My friend said he said bye to me, but I wasn't paying attention. I texted him later, he replied "Hi how are you doing?" And he later said: "Sorry if it was awkward that I already written my number down. I actually was planning on giving my number too you."


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  • Sounds like a sweet guy, but just watch yourself. I know tons of guy like this, who are smooth talkers and are players. Just be careful and feel him out, but sounds like he's interested in you!


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  • Sounds like a guy I know. He is definitely interested but he might be a player. Just watch yourself homegirl, and remember the best policy with players is "Ho's before bros"

  • Not enough info to say he is a player. He seems like a normal single guy to me.