How do you know when a guy is still in love with you?

There's this man.. we have a history and I hurt him. No, I NEVER cheated on him And we didn't date... he was my best friend and I was in love with him and still am and I was scared and when he came out with his feelings I made the wrong choice. We still talk but he's rather hard to read.


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  • Ask him hypothetically if you died, would he cry? If so, he still loves you

    • I would cry if anyone I am friends with died lol that doesn't say much.

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    • What is corny and stupid to you lol

    • Well, I guess if you baked him a cake and wrote I love you on it. Or like a heart shaped pancake with your initials in it. Or pass him a note under the table that says wuv you big boy 😍

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  • Do you initiate the conversation or he does?
    You maybe made the wrong choice back then but nothing is stopping you from telling him the truth. Just say that you were scared back then and see how it goes.

    • I wish it were that simple :(

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    • I dont know if I should wait to see him or tell him over twxt

    • Dont text xD I've done it and it doesn't work
      you're better off with a letter!
      Hang out with him casually and give him the letter at the end. ^^ I think it'll be easier for you and him since you would give him the time to think

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