If a guy is shy around girls, should I not count on him to ever maker a move?

I wouldn't consider him shy in general but around me it's to the point where I am constantly ignored. Yes I have tried initiating but it goes nowhere and I can't get him to loosen up around me. It hurts because I'm the only one. Today my friend saw him and he acted like they were like best friends but when he sees me he ignores me unless I'm the one to say hi. If he really does like me like I've been told he does should I expect things to stay this way or will it ever change?


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  • He does probably like you, though you never can be certain to ask. If you want him to ask then try to make the environment between you as relaxed as possible, in order to get him to open up.

    If you're interested in him, then maybe you should consider making the first move. But if you're set on letting him make the first move then you could try and allude to your interest without making the first move.

    • I don't think the guy always has to make the first move and I don't mind doing that. I feel like every time I try it never works, maybe I'm just missing something.

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  • if a guy is shy then it's better for you to make the first move

  • Yes... don't count on it. Help him out.

    • How can I do that?

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    • I already know him, just not too well.

    • Find out what he likes.

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