How can I get a guy to hold my hand for the first time?

1) He is shy and doesn't initiate physical contact with me. I have hugged him.
2) Neither one of us have been in a relationship before
3) we like each other but haven't said that to each other
4) I might end up initiating it but I want to hear your tips!


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  • Ask him "hey, what's in your hand?" Then grab his hand and say "oh, it's just my hand." and smile at him. 👌

    • That is actually so adorable 😄😄😄

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  • Just grab it :)

    • I will probably end up doing that but is there a way to get him to do it?

    • Teenage boys are dumb as f*ck. Don't expect him to pick up hints lol

    • Hahaha hilarious

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