Guys what di you like the most in girls?

What actions way of dressing type of body i mesn everything


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  • exotic looking, I am not blonde man. I have always preferred brunettes. I have dated many different ethnicities. My wife is a latina but when single dated black, Egyptian, jewish,,,, the main thing was their eyes, smile and intelligence. Most were petite with average to athletic bodies.


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  • Personally, I mainly go for her personality. I the kinda personality that I like is smart, maybe a little nerdy/geeky, a little bubbly, nice and sweet. Confidence is great, but I think that insecurities are kinda cute and gives me an opportunity to compliment her and try to take her insecurities away.
    I said that I mainly go for personality is my main goal, but looks are a plus but isn't a deal breaker. But, if you wanted to know about physical appearance, I like a few "types".
    A little hipster/geek/fringe
    Country girls (Even though I'm pretty much a suburban boy, but I do shoot guns and such)
    So, overall, a sweet, nice, smart girl with a sense of humor

  • What I like at you most is your bikini :)))

  • Hotness, suggestibility, gullibility.


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