Text behavior changed, is this something to worry about?

My partner and I have been together for a short period of time. We used to text like crazy and they would always text goodnight/morning, I also did. Now I noticed there is less and less texting. We always text during breaks and lunches silly things but we kept each other entertained. Yesterday I decided not to text good morning to see if they would take it upon themselves. Nope no good morning. Now today I left off w goodnight and their answer in the morning was abrupt and not sweet as usual. I napped yesterday and my partner left me a sweet message. We see each other everyday almost, but I am worried about this abrupt change should I be worried or is it a normal thing?


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  • well its not a very big thing but i guess his interest is lessening, nd if you want it to be normal again then you jus have to be what he want, i mean develop his interest in you, by knowing nd doing what he likes, so he keeps his views nd texts just for you :)


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he is just getting tired of texting everyday, and maybe he sees nothing wrong with texting less because you guys see each other almost everyday. I would worry if you didn't see him much and he texts less. I know it's confusing when guys do that, with my ex he would text me all the time and then all of a sudden he started to text less and less and Became distant.

    Does he act different when you see him in person?


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