To ask or not to ask? PLEASE HELP?

So this guy I used to date & I have been Facebook messaging recently. One night he gave me his cell # and said "Let me know if you wanna chat." So, I texted him the next day when I got the message and we went back and forth like this for a week. Then out of the blue he just stopped responding. I texted to apologize for bothering him with texts if i did. Then, I waited a week & messaged him back on FB. He replied. Now, if I message him on Facebook, he typically responds back. That is sometimes inconvenient because I have to go into the app just to send a message! Seems silly.

Should I ask if he wants to go back to texting... or what?


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  • Stay on Facebook for now here, dear, even if it is a bother to holler to him When-----I have to go into the app just to send a message. It seems that with sending a message from the other end, he may have started to grow cold duck feet and it may end up a defeat if you continued... at least for now.
    Even though he was the one who initiated the cell deal, he may have thought twice about it and it ended up to be a raw egg deal.
    Perhaps he wants to start out slow so go with the flow until you know... if you both should start texting again.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, glad to have obliged.:)) xxoo

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    • Oh, wow, really? I had a few people tell me this too, let me look into it. I know too they have been having problems with "Music" and "Times" that were said they were here and said they were not, and so forth.
      Crazy. xx

    • Thank you for the MHO. xx

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  • This is such a first world problem xD


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  • Yeah i would ask him, its so much more convenient to text then to talk over Facebook, well at least i think so. And if he stops responding over texts again, i would just leave it. unless something is wrong with is phone lol

  • You should just casually bring it up via Facebook chat; like "hey, would u mind texting instead? it's easier for me to open texts rather than fb messages!"


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