Does it really matter that much that I'm a virgin?

How important is sex in a relationship? I'm 21 and still a virgin, I'm simply still a virgin because I haven't had a serious relationship yet and I don't want to loose my virginty to someone that doesn't love me. But can you really love someone without having had sex with them? And why won't they take my virginty?


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  • Conceptually, it's our raison d'ĂȘtre, as for relationships... well, they're pretty much the reason that cross gender relationships exist at all... or to go even further, for different sexes to even exist.
    That being said, being a virgin or not is of little consequence (other than having varying degrees of experience, in this case none).
    As to the more important question of love, depends entirely on your definition thereof.
    Greek philosophy for example differentiates between 3 types of love, philia, eros and agape. Though as the discussion of this would encumber this question needlessly I'll leave the research to you. In the end it's a very personal definition after all.


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  • I have never equated love with sex.
    To be honest, I was horny by 16 or so.
    But I did what you did
    Just not quite as long
    I lost mine at 17
    I'm still with the same guy
    and yeah, still horny
    I can't go without sex
    I am nor some troll either.


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  • if you're saving yourself till marriage it's a bad thing in my opinion

    • I'm not but it seems like guys get scared when they learn I'm a virgin, so why not take my virginty?

    • Why do you say so? Isn't it better to loose it to her husband than to some jerk.

  • Yes, you can. A guy who truly loves you will respect you enough to wait. And don't worry, you're being smart. You don't want your first to be just some guy. It should be something you can look back on and be happy about it.

  • I'm 22 and I'm a virgin too, don't worry about it... just wait for someone that you love, sex is not important. Its hard to find the right person, but if they are the right one, they would not care if your a virgin or not ;)

  • yes you can love someone without having sex its called platonic love, and its also more likely to succeed as a relationship.


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  • Yes you do you are a grest women i asmire you in a virgin too


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