Why do some older guys try to hit on teenage girls?

I was walking in the streets with a friend when we had to walk past those older guys (in their 20's). Before we walked past them, one of them kinda pointed me and another nudged one of the guys. They creeped me out. As we passed them, they all became quiet and one was staring at my face with his mouth open. I was so embarrassed I walked a liittle farther to them. They looked like predators, like if it was the first time they saw a girl.

Another day, I was walking alone and I saw this guy (the one who already stared at my face) staring at my face. I felt so weird and afraid to see him again.

That's always like this and usually, that's only guys that age that approach me and try to hit on me. I'm only 16 and I look my age. I don't get why guys that age act like this. They're seriously creepy.

I was wondering... do older guys act this way with teenage girls because they can't get a woman of their age? or are they seriously thinking what they're doing is normal?


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  • "like if it was the first time they saw a girl" pfft... BAAHAHAAA!!!

    man there's just creeps everywhere. people be creepin :D lol!!!


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  • They just think you're easy to get into bed. Ignore them, but if they start creeping more than usual I recommend you don't go anywhere alone. Have a guy friend around more.


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  • by your title i thought you were talking about ugys who are 40 or more.

    guyis in their 20s are not old... we're still kids sister... :-/

  • Because they are more experienced in life than the teenage girls and so it will be easy for them to get them

  • well guys that age will act that way, just ignore them or report them to the police if their too creepy.


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