Guys is he SIMPLY needy, or in love or both?

I've been told guys can fall in love within a couple weeks. And few times in their life.

Only problem is he also seems INCREDIBLY needy and actually sounds like he is aware of it. It sounds like his clingy ness has gotten in the way for him in past relationships.

So he could be clingy and needy. But in love? I'm just concerned about being his whole world.

I THINK he has learned things in the past from how he is. Just from our conversations. And he is overly nice and not understanding why its not appreciated.

I just don't want this constant feeling of responsibility for his hapiness. He is not responsible for mine.

Is this really love then? Can he be needy AND in love, and should I be just as cautious?


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  • being clingy has nothing to do with being in love in my opinion


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  • i have a similar structure when it comes to clinginess. oftentimes, it's difficult for me not to become overly attached and clingy; almost dependent on the other person. BUT, oftentimes it has little to do with obsession, moreso being anxious/scared that i'll lose them. therefore, i think you should talk to him and realize that his side of the conflict is difficult as well. i can relate to the way you described him, and it can certainly be helped by assuring him that taking things a step at a time and not relying on each other wholly will work.


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  • Clingy and love are different. He could love you and be extra clingy because of it.


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