Does he like me or not? Guys/Girls please help?

There's this boy I've been talking to for over a year, we hang out basically every day and we're really close. We can be serious with each other if we need it and we still can goof off and be complete dorks with each other the next. It got to the point where whenever we hangout it gets extremely flirty, like wrestling on his bed and cuddling and falling asleep on each other or making it really obvious that there's feelings there. He's always putting his arm around me even in front of his guy friends and if there's a guy checking me out he's quick to shut him down and make it seem like he's my boyfriend. He'll hug me from behind and kiss my neck, tickle me, compliment me, and he's always staring at me like he's going to kiss me but never does. It got to the point where I admitted I had feelings for him and he basically rejected me by making a joke out of it and ignored it. He didn't flat out tell me he didn't like me but he's also not saying he does. Although I know he's extremely flirtatious and does stuff with me that he wouldn't with other girls, why does he do this? It drives me nuts because I just want to know if the feeling is mutual. Recently he's been acting more like he likes me and being a bit more open about it, being generally nicer and I said something about him hating me and he said "is that how i feel?" and i said "i dont know how you feel." and he was smiling like an idiot and he said he likes to be mysterious. Ugh, any advice on how I can get him to come out and admit it? :(


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  • Ugh i hate when people beat around the bush, that always sucks. You just need to flat out ask him if he likes you or not, and if still doesn't give you a direct answer i would kind of keep the flirting on a down low until you know and maybe keep your distance so he gets the hint. I mean it sounds like he likes you, he's just being a pain in butt.

    • I know right? It's so frustrating. But thank you! I'll try to space myself out until he realizes it. :( Boys are always a pain in the butt. lmao

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  • i hate a guy like this, playing a mind game and let you confuse even when you've ask him about that. let's see whatever guy's answer to make it clearer why he acts like that


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