What do you guys do?

5 months ago, i was dating a guy who Im still deeply in love with.. he still slightly contacted me, and by that it was snaps, random texts etc..
but recently he told me that " I'm too innocent for him"
then that lead me to blocking him from everything, then i see that there's a pending snap from him, how would he feel when realising i finally removed him from everything?
I don't get it, i wanted to get so far away from him because i know i like him a lot to the point i don't want to see what his doing because i know its going to hurt me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • " I'm too innocent for him" <--- blokcing him because he said that it's too much in my opinion

    perhaps he might was just joking ;-)

    • I felt embarrassed when he said that, I'm someone who respects others and I'm a virgin also..
      I have no idea what to do, he also changed his number.

What Girls Said 1

  • You're entitled to feel the way you do, if this is how you prefer dealing with avoiding him then good for you! Clearly you see something about him that's best if you don't fall for him and get hurt in the end. If you know he's going to hurt you, then you made the best choices for yourself in the end. Always go with your gut feeling, if you feel like you want to still avoid him, you're allowed to do so.

    • you think so? I don't know why I feel so bad, I really do want to get back with him. But i know his not ready, I have no idea what to do now..

    • Dont settle for someone who won't give you what you want, you will only end up hurt in the end, if he's not ready now, he's not going to be ready ever, at least for you, Don't give him the benefit of potentially hurting you again.

    • Okay, thank you heaps for helping me out. <3

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