Guys (&girls) what's it like when you crush on a girl? What do you feel?

How does it feel to have a strong crush on a girl? What are your thoughts? Do you think about her all the time? Do you stalk her social media? Do you fantasise a relationship with her? Do you think about when you last talked to her? What do you do?

Thanks :)
please answer x


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  • I think about her all the time. she is always in my mind, all I do is daydreaming about how it would be like to be with her. I basically stalk her Facebook /Instagram every day and when she is around, I can't not look at her, trying to get the guts to go and talk to her, I get shy even if we know each other well. she is the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. and when I talk to her, I have trouble looking into her eyes because if I do i'm afraid i'll start to mumble because of how beautiful they are, and I blush hard if I catch her staring at me :)


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  • I'll think about him a lot. Ill be super happy when i see him and will enjoy any form of interaction with him. But because I'm shy, ill get quiet and awkward and ill seem like im not interested. I get pretty self conscious around my crush and i want to talk to him more and text him, but i dont want to seem clingy. So its an awkward train wreck.


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  • yes to all your secondary questions. stomach can feel queezy can't sleep get nervous and stutter around her. maybe can't make eye contact. maybe we can talk to her about stuff just are afraid to broach the subject of us dating or hanging out

  • Personally when I fall for a girl, I can't stop thinking about her, I mix up my words and whenever I try to flirt I just do it badly when I'm normally amazing at flirting, I think about what she says and often I cling on to all her words, I'm able to pay attention to almost everything about them when I can't see her I'm always looking for some kind of picture of her that I can look at to get that feeling back its just amazing.

    I hope I helped :)


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