I'm not in a relationship with a guy and he doesn't want me to let him go?

Ladies and Gents what is you opinion on a woman like myself is not in a relationship with a man but he doesn't want to lose me? He is not even making the effort on me? He likes it when I'm straightforward telling him how I like to be treated.


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  • Tell him you can't wait forever and if he doesn't start making efforts you'll let him go.

    • I've tried to let him go 3 times. Lol! He comes after me and gives me more attention and then stops. One time he was really upset with me that he hung up on me on the phone and another time he asked me a favor not tell him those words ever again. He won't tell me why he hates those words. I can't seem to stay away from him because I have feelings for him. But I've learned to keep my boundaries up. I'm okay if we end up just friends. Now he knows I'm dating now.. He tried contacting me one time early in the morning and I'm still sleeping. I texted him a couple of days later and asked I forgot you called, why so early? Are you okay? Lol! He never responded.

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    • You would think a guy who is 17 years older than you would MAN up and tell me he's interested or not. Not mature yet! Or not sure if he wants to commit to me! Its been a tough journey for me to take that firm stand because of my interest in him. That's why I'm here asking questions. Thank you for your words of encouragement...

    • It really depends. He should man up and do it, but if he's unsure he won't. Some people just can't make decisions and of course you don't have time to wait forever. So, if he loses you, it'll be his fault. And you're welcome.

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